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Did you know?

If you see one of these charges on your billing statement and are unsure why, here are some possible reasons behind it.
INR 199
  • You might have received a message about this charge saying you were charged 199/- by Amazon India or Amazon Pay.
  • If you subscribed to a free trial, membership charges begin following the 30-day free trial period for non-Prime members and 90-day free trial period for Prime members. Audible will charge your default payment method to avoid any disruptions to your service and benefits.
A INR 2 charge on your billing statement is an authorization hold from your bank on a recently-placed order with Audible. This is only a temporary charge and should go away quickly.
Audible members who are unhappy with a book can return or exchange it easily as long as it’s within 365 days of the original purchase. Sometimes, you may not see the option to do it online as we would love to take your feedback on the content to improve our catalog. Please reach out to us so that we can help you with the exchange.
To do it online:
  1. Go to your Account Details page on the Audible desktop site.
  2. Click Purchase History.
  3. Locate the order that contains the title you'd like to return.
  4. Click Return.
  5. Select the reason for your return, then Return.
  6. After returning your title, you will receive a confirmation on screen indicating the return was successful.
For more information on exchanging your audiobooks, please visit our Help Center
Cancelling your membership means you would lose access to awesome benefits like:
  • 1 credit a month good for any audiobook, regardless of price.
  • 30% discounts on additional audiobook purchases.
  • Easy exchanges and more.
You can see all of your membership benefits here . For more information and help, feel free to contact us.
If you are having trouble logging into your Audible account, please contact us using the phone number below and we will be glad to assist you.
If you can't find your issue listed here, please use one of the channels below to contact us.

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Languages: हिंदी & English                 Recommended