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I forgive myself!

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 28-03-21

Listening to these 12 power and knowledge packed nuggets of wisdom and knowledge from the amazing Rujuta Diwekar herself has done two things for me:
1. Reassured me that what I was imagining to be as "failures" when it came to health and nutrition, were indeed not
2. Gave a crystal clear path ahead about how to look at health and life in general.
I loved the earnestness and logical way in which Rujuta gives sensible and solid advice in these series. I was listening to them while walking and at multiple places had to stop dead in my tracks, replay certain sections again and again, break out laughing or just take a moment to pause the audio, and tell myself that I was not a failure for not getting it "right" all this time.
Thank you Rujuta for all the wonderful knowledge and changing the whole wellness discourse. In the week since I heard these talks, I've reintroduced ghee, peanut and coconut in my diet, stopped having tea as the first thing in the morning, and many energy levels have shot up. My mother is wondering what is up with me as I also made chutney, chiwda with murmure, curry leaves and nuts and Aleev and jaggery laddoos today (my first ever laddoos, considering I only started cooking after the lockdown kicked in last March!). I feel lighter, happier and stronger in my resolve to be healthy and look forward to going on a diet that I can enjoy and sustain forever. Thank you!
PS: I am a transport engineer and work on urban development and was both thrilled and grateful that you mentioned creating walking and cycling friendly cities as a part of your talk!