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A must listen audiobook!

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 19-04-19

I used to read a lot of Self Help Books during my teenage years but outgrew that urge gradually over the years. This happened because I had begun to feel that most of these self help books are away from reality and oversimplify things. The reader is mostly seeking for desparate answers and would cling on to anything/ anyone who would give them even a speck of hope. Based on the half baked knowledge gained from vague scientific studies, the authors of these books provide them just that- vain hope with no real world action plan!

However, Can't Hurt Me is a book that deserves to be read by everyone who wishes to change their lives for the better because it's not just another self help book. It's a man's personal account of his struggle against the prejudices in the society, the struggle to rise up against against his abusive childhood and make something out of his life and his struggle to transcend the limitations of his own mind and body.

I would definitely recommend the audio version of this book over the paperback one as the former contains podcasts with David where he discusses his insights in between the readings.

However, as any real person's life, the book is not completely free from limitations (which only makes it more real and raw). Two of the limitations that I want to highlight-
1. Sometimes I felt that David deliberately subjected himself to all the physical pain when he could have avoided that by being better prepared for the marathons and other competitions. I mean pushing yourself so much that you reach on the verge of kidney failure is a bit too much!
2. I was not very comfortable by the use of profanity. He has justified that too in one of his podcasts in the audiobook which didn't feel very correct to me personally. Anyway, to each his own.

But you must definitely go through this book at least once.

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