Rani Deshmukh

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5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 22-04-20

This is one of the best auto biographies I have ever read.Honest, unapologetic, witty, heart wrenching at many times. She's like an open book and beautifully connects all the dots. Everything right from her birth, graduation, the accidental career in modelling and films, her inhibitions, eating disorders, spiritual journey, finding her true love, fighting the fatal disease etc. In the order of the events occurred she could've well become SD, MD or BB of the Indian film industry but she was happy being herself and that makes her special! There was and there can be only one Lisa Rani Ray! Oh how well she articulates! Her vocabulary, the flow of her words, how she puts her thoughts alluring the readers into her world, be it Canada, Bombay, the several shoots, her pilgrim travels, her happiest or worst of her times when her body rebelled against her mind. Absolutely natural story teller! I am a Sidney Sheldon fan and always used to wonder how he picturized the characters of his book. They were so well scripted to exactly imagine how they looked and all. But this lady Lisa is no less and even adds on to the emotional aspects of the person. Be it how she described her parents, her childhood crush, short mention of her friend Dorothy, Morkel or any one else, they appear to be standing next to you and you know them personally. Bonafide writer for sure! All the CBs and bestseller authors of India, please step aside and make way for the Rani, for she is here to rock!