Shatrughan Singh

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very good deal - has errors, listen with reference

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Reviewed: 03-12-20

i generally listen with a pdf at hand, so the errors dont particularly bother me. the bundle is GREAT value for just 1 audible credit, but if you're buying it for the full price - look for a better audiobook.

the errors aren't that bad - but it's definitely not worth the premium 2000+ rupee price tag on this.

like i said, if you're using audible credits, that's more than a dozen great books for the price of around 200/- rupees.

also, the organisation of this audiobook is GARBAGE. it's just listed chapter 1 to 60something - excuse me? would it be too hard to just mention where the next book begins? nevertheless, it doesnt bother me, considering the price i got it at.

all in all, it's half decent. cheers.

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