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Reviewed: 12-05-20

I was always curious as to why someone was successful others were not, I was raised in a typical Indian culture which was attributed to stars (horoscope, astrology etc.) or just sheer luck 😊 It’s true that many experts and autobiographists looked at only the success, for example great Indian leaders like Gandhi, Nehru and industrialist Tata are known mostly for their leadership, success and contribution to the society, very rarely looking at the events, people and timing that contributed to their success, much is written on their passion and commitment and not on timing and environment. Personally I always believed it’s the right time and place and of course as Gladwell repeatedly mentioned that its combination of passion, hard work, timing and ecosystem and he further justifies with real time examples. Thoroughly enjoyed reading “Outliers” it further strengthens my belief that hard work and timing are critical for a person or a company’s success. I remember very well one of my teacher saying in my early years, if you keep working hard for sure you will not go down but at least you will stay in same position, and when the right time arrives your hard work will takes a leap. Thanks -Anand