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Climbing Everest

Sport & Action
Written by: iMinds
Narrated by: Luca James Lee
Length: 7 mins

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Climbing Mount Everest is nearly synonymous with an impressive, almost impossible act of skill, a physical and mental test of endurance and will that is positively Herculean. iMinds presents the various challenges posed by climbing the highest point on Earth, from the brutal Himalayan climate to the risks of avalanche to the lack of oxygen at such a high altitude. Luca James Lee details the experience of hiking Everest, providing routes and schedules. Intrepid adventurers hoping to conquer the mountain will thrill at his advice and descriptions, delivered with a sympathetic and cautionary tone.

Publisher's Summary

Learn about Climbing Everest with iMinds insightful audio knowledge series.Mount Everest is situated in the Himalayan Mountains, on the border between Nepal and Tibet. It is the tallest mountain in the world, standing roughly 29,029 feet above sea level. Every year, Mount Everest gets taller by about half an inch. This is due to movements in the Earth’s crust and two tectonic plates, deep beneath the Earth’s surface, pushing together. The name “Himalaya” means “home of snow”, but snow is only one of the many challenges faced by a climber of Mount Everest.

The danger with snow is that there is always the risk of an avalanche. Snow, ice and rocks can slide down the mountain at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. Temperature is also a concern. The temperature at the top of Mount Everest has been known to drop below -94 degrees Fahrenheit. This can lead to extreme cases of frostbite. And altitude is another major problem for climbers of Mount Everest. At such a great height there is less oxygen, due to the air being thinner.

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