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Controlling Your Emotions

Length: 42 mins
Categories: Self-Development

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Publisher's Summary

Emotions enhance our life walk. We have love, joy, happiness, with love being the greatest and most effective emotion we have. We also have the opposite emotions: anger, hatred, greed, envy, pride, etc, all of which will bring us down.

If we believe in God, then there is but pure love; if we believe in anything else, then it's the Devil - the antithasis of all that's good. And if we impose conditions on love, then that is our downfall too.

Wisdom, compassion, and understanding go a long way to us seeing the "bigger picture" in life, as does education. Hence in poor countries they remain that way as they know no better.

If we do not control our emotions, they will control us. Our emotions come from the same place - the brain - the place that all of our functions come from. If we make excuses, such as "if you knew what I'd been through" or "I had to do it" or "they made me" or whatever, then you are giving away your authority to others or some ficticious third party called "they".

Going or getting hysterica, such as Middle Eastern people do predominantly, is a lacking in character, hence they remain substandard and unreliable. (Go there and find out yourself).

Even some people closer to home prefer to hide behind an emotion they have allowed to develop than to see reason. It is a total weakness of character. You can never trust such people, as when the going gets tough they go to pieces.

This audio download is for those who want more control of themselves, as well as clarity and strength to deal with the selfish morons who always use hysteria, tears, or anything else to try and get their way - the losers in life.

©2013 John S Rushton (P)2013 John S Rushton

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