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  • Good Scribes Only is a podcast featuring a novelist + venture investor (Daniel Breyer) and a novelist + founder (Jeremy Streich), who share an enthusiasm for literature. From classics to sci-fi, moderns to ancient philosophy, your hosts will ramble and banter about it all—particularly the topics they have no business discussing. Each episode dives into the craft of writing as well as questions of plot, character, theme, and philosophy in a work.
    2022 - Good Scribes Only
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  • Jan 26 2023
    Power and Glory Cheat Sheet Good Scribes Only on Instagram Jeremy on Instagram Daniel on LinkedIn Hosted by novelists and entrepreneurs Daniel Breyer & Jeremy Streich, Good Scribes Only is a podcast for curious minds to explore, challenge, and think differently through books. Season 2 focuses on the cardinal vices and virtues: Lust and chastity, gluttony and temperance, greed and charity, sloth and diligence, envy and kindness, wrath and patience, pride and humility. In this episode, Daniel and Jeremy explore Pride and Humility in Graham Greene's most prolific work, Power and Glory. Oftentimes, fiction provides a clearer view of reality than life itself. Power and Glory is no exception. Join in and explore your own Pride and Humility with Jeremy and Daniel in this episode of Good Scribes Only. 0-5 min — Intro and Actor Casting 5-10 min — Initial thoughts and historical background 10-15 min — Main character: the whiskey priest 15-20 min — Is it about Pride? 20-22 min — Dan calling Jeremy on his bullsh** 22-25 min — On writing: creating dynamic characters 25-29 min — Hope and the duality of man 29-35 min — The climax 35-40 min — Is a post-religious society actually better? 40-44 min — Would people read this book today? 44-46 min — On writing: a striking literary device 46-50 min — What is Pride fundamentally? 50-55 min — The power of community 55-60 min — Our final feelings on the novel
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  • Jan 10 2023

    In our final episode of the season, we discuss the our favorite books of 2022, a few movies that stood out, plus our favorite moments of season one—often the (copious) occasions when Jeremy gets himself canceled. As far as books go, none of you will be surprised to hear how many Daniel read this year, but you might not have expected his favorite. And, as always, you'll  get an appearance from one of our dogs, the true MVPs. We hope you enjoy!

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  • Nov 21 2022
    We're back with another towering work from one of the most noteworthy names in modern literature. *Midnight's Children,* published in 1981, is considered the seminal work from Indian-British writer, Salman Rushdie. The novel is what some describe as magical realism, though Rushdie prefers self describes as a "Surrealist" author. In the novel we follow one narrator and protagonist, Saleem Sinai, through the turbulent years of India's transition from British colonial rule to independence and partition. It is rich postcolonial, postmodern, self-reflexive work which strives to preserve history by way of story, rather than facts and data. The novel not only won the Booker prize for fiction in 1981 but was dubbed "Best of the Bookers" twelve years later. If you appreciate Jose Luis Borges, Neil Gaiman, surrealist/magical realism, or high-literature you will likely enjoy this tome. Don't let our meandering conversation steer you wrong — this one is a must read. We hope you enjoy ✌️ *Episode Notes* 0:00 - Intro and Casting 3:00 - Our lack of historical perspective for India and Pakistan 5:00 - On surrealism and Salman Rushdie’s masterclass 7:30 - Significance and historicity of Midnight’s Children 11:30 - Comparable books and Plot Summary 15:00 - Motifs and Plot Summary 25:00 - On Saleem’s Family and other Characters 29:00 - Saleem’s reliability as a narrator 33:00 - Shiva as a character and myth 38:00 - Nature and nurture in the novel 42:00 - The multi-genre nature of the novel 43:45 - Multi-culturality of India 48:30 - Wholeness and fragmentation 51:00 - Religion and conflict in the novel 56:00 - The beauty of fiction versus facts 58:00 - Closing sequence 1:01:00 - On Memory as a theme 1:06:00 - History and Rushdie’s main thesis 1:11:00 - Literary style of the novel 1:15:00 - Overall thoughts on the book 1:21:00 - Self reflexive art
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