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In Bed with Susie Bright 450: The Chinese Wall of Abstinence - and the Librarian who wanted to say 'Yes'

Written by: Susie Bright
Narrated by: Susie Bright
Length: 45 mins
Categories: Mature Content

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Publisher's Summary

Those crazy American evangelicals are at it again. Always trying to tell everybody else what to do, they've now decided to save Chinese teenagers from becoming sinners. Yes, it's true, the abstinence program heads to Bejing! Well, Susie has a few words to say about all this. It seems that the group Focus on the Family is behind attempts to convert the entire planet to saying "just say no" to sex before wedlock. Although it hasn't had much luck in the U.S., they continue to push the abstinence agenda in other countries. Whatever happened to sex ed and learning how to have safe sex and use condoms?

Next, in our "Tell Me Your Sex Story" segment, Susie continues to ask all those nosy, personal questions to a willing listener. This week "Mary" gets into the sexual confession booth and begins by telling Susie all about her early sex life. She remembers her first orgasm and talks about how she felt as a teenager that she masturbated too much. "Never!" says Susie. They also talk about Mary's desire to be as uninhibited with her husband as she is in her fantasy life.

Then, in our "Try This at Home" mailbag, Susie gets a letter from a battered husband who is white-knuckling it and needs some real advice. "Susie, where do I go from here? I feel like I need some professional help to end this nightmare."

Have a question? You can call Susie's hotline at 831-480-5110. And you can send your confidential questions - plus requests for free samples and blog banners! - to [Episode 450, October 1, 2010]

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