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  • Insurtech investment trends in Asia
    Jun 6 2023

    The insurtech investment landscape in Asia is witnessing exponential growth driven by a large population, rising middle class, and increasing digital adoption. Asian countries like China, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong have become insurtech investment hotspots. Venture capital firms, private equity players, and traditional insurance companies are actively investing in early stage startups focusing on innovation and disruptive technologies. Key players such as ZhongAn, PolicyBazaar, GoBear, and WeFox have emerged, offering innovative products and services across health, life, property, and casualty insurance segments. With diverse insurtech segments and technological advancements like AI and big data, Asia presents a promising market for insurtech investments.

    Points of discussion:

    1. How would you describe the current investment trend for insurtech startups, particularly in the context of bolttech? Could you discuss how this trend has evolved over the past few years and the impact it has had on the industry as a whole?


    2. Who are the current investors in bolttech? Did you employ a particular strategy to attract certain types of investors? What kind of investors is bolttech interested in attracting in the future?


    3. Beyond capital, are there other qualities or resources that you seek in your investors? Could you share some examples of non-monetary value that your investors have provided.

    Speaker Bio: Stephan Tan, is the Group Chief Strategy and Investment Officer at bolttech. Stephan is responsible for bolttech’s corporate strategy and investments, including M&A. He is a founding executive of bolttech, member of the executive committee and secures organic and inorganic opportunities as part of bolttech’s growth strategy and business expansion. With more than 15 years in international corporate finance experience, Stephan’s previous roles include VP M&A and Strategy at FWD and Chief Financial Officer at Edirect Insure Group, overseeing several key functions including finance, legal and HR. He started his career within investment banking at Citigroup, covering financial institutions in Europe. Outside of work, Stephan is a keen linguist and he enjoys playing football, squash, and chess.

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    16 mins
  • Insurance Innovation Day!
    May 28 2023

    Insurance Innovation Day! an event to discover cutting-edge advancements and transformative ideas shaping the insurance industry. Explore AI, blockchain, data analytics, and emerging technologies revolutionising insurance. Connect with professionals from insurance companies, insurtech start-ups, and regulatory bodies. Gain insights from thought-provoking sessions, panel discussions, and interactive workshops. Inspire innovation in your work and network with like-minded individuals. Mark your calendar for 06th & 07th Jun 2023 happening in Vienna and also Live Streaming and stay tuned for updates on speakers and topics. Let's unlock the potential of innovation and shape the future of insurance together!

    To attend the event in Vienna or join the live streaming, please email us at or connect with Erika Krizsan at Points of discussion:

    1. Our first question to you Erika: What are some key strategies or initiatives that insurance companies are employing to promote innovation within their organisations?


    2. Can you touch upon your key focus areas of the Insurance Innovation Day!

    3. Our final question for today is: What are you expecting out of the Insurance Innovation Day!

    Speaker Bio: Erika Krizsan, is the Founder & Initiator of Insurance Innovation Day.

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    14 mins
  • Insurance transformation and the rise of no-code
    May 18 2023

    No-code technology is transforming the insurance industry by automating processes and enhancing customer experience. However, it also presents challenges for insurance agents who need to adapt to new technological trends to remain competitive. No-code platforms provide opportunities for agents to improve their sales processes, increase customer satisfaction, and improve business performance. To fully realize the benefits of no-code technology, insurers and technology providers must work together to provide comprehensive training, support, and resources to help agents navigate this transition. The impact of no-code technology on insurance agents is a rapidly evolving trend that is shaping the future of the industry.

    Points of discussion:

    1. Can you explain the journey of digitalisation in insurance and where we are today with the advent of platforms like low code / no code?


    2. How are low-code technologies transforming the insurance industry, and what specific benefits do they bring to insurers in terms of efficiency, speed, and customer experience?


    3.  Can you share a real-life example of an insurance company that successfully implemented low-code platforms for digital transformation? What were the key benefits they derived and what was the real impact?

    Speaker Bio: Adrit Raha, is the Managing Director, Asia Pacific at CoverGo. He brings with him over 17 years of experience in insurance and tech startups. Most recently, he was the Co-founder and Co-CEO of another insurtech startup Symbo with a focus on embedded insurance. Prior to that, he was the  CEO of health tech startup Vivant and held various leadership roles at RSA & AIG.

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    21 mins

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