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  • A weekly discussion by top-end JavaScript developers on the technology and skills needed to level up on your JavaScript journey.
    2022 Intentional Excellence Productions, LLC
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  • Oct 4 2022
    The panel goes back a few years and reviews some technology predictions that Dan made a few years ago on Quora. These include WASM, Progressive web apps, and others. Most were wrong, but one did end up being sort of accurate. Along the way, they go into some deep rabbit holes but manage to pull themselves out. As always, they end with picks, and Steve's stupendous dad jokes.

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    • Coaching | Top End Devs

    • Apple iOS browser grip loosened under latest draft EU rules
    • - Top End Devs

    • AJ- Search Results for wire wheel at The Home Depot
    • AJ - Rust-oleum
    • AJ- Figma is powered by WebAssembly
    • AJ- ImageOptim - better Save for Web
    • AJ- Squoosh
    • Dan - Dev Joke
    • Dan- The 2022 Web Almanac
    • Dan - CrUX and Core Web Vitals - What to Measure on the Web with Rick Viscomi - JSJ 486
    • Dan - Fargo
    • Dan - War in Ukraine
    • Steve - Dad Jokes
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    1 hr and 13 mins
  • Sep 27 2022
    Today we talk with Netta Bondy, a front end developer at Twang and dive into a discussion about when software development becomes a craft. We discuss the challenges of practicality vs. art, and the challenges of properly crafting code vs. working with popularly adopted methods.

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    • The Story of Mel with Tomer Lichtash and David Frankiel - JSJ 544
    • Creeds of Craftsmanship · Issue #18 · BeyondCodeBootcamp/beyondcodebootcamp
    • FRONTEND CON 2020
    • Twitter: @_bondit_

    • AJ- The Story of Mel
    • AJ- Creeds of Craftsmanship · Issue #18 · BeyondCodeBootcamp/beyondcodebootcamp
    • AJ- Form follows function - Wikipedia
    • AJ- Better Apps: Delivering Universal UI Patterns as Web Components
    • AJ- Engineering Festivus
    • Dan - My anniversary
    • Dan- Code Complete 2nd edition
    • Dan- Web Directions
    • Dan - War in Ukraine
    • Netta- CSSBattle
    • Netta- MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials
    • Netta- The Priory of the Orange Tree (The Roots of Chaos, #1)
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    1 hr and 18 mins
  • Sep 20 2022
    Today we talk with Adam Bradley, the Director of Technology at Builder.io. He previously worked at Ionix as a creator of Ionic Framework, a mobile UI interface builder for web applications, and StencilJS which powers Ionix. Currently he works on both Qwik and Partytown at Builder.io.

    In today’s episode we dive into Partytown, discussing the unique ways it improves website performance. When there are so many third-party scripts injected into the average website, you can quickly lose control of speed. We learn how Partytown addresses this with a remote web worker, and how it still gets the data it needs synchronously.

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    • Raygun | Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial
    • Coaching | Top End Devs

    • GitHub: BuilderIO/partytown
    • GitHub: BuilderIO/qwik
    • Builder.io
    • Run Third-Party Scripts From A Web Worker
    • GitHub: Adam Bradley
    • Twitter: @adamdbradley

    • Adam- uvu
    • Adam- @playwright/test
    • Charles- Irish Gauge
    • Charles - Book Club for developer books (coming soon)
    • Charles - How to Stay Current Course (coming soon)
    • Charles- JavaScript Remote Conference 2022
    • Charles- ActiveCampaign - #1 Customer Experience Automation Platform - ActiveCampaign
    • Dan- TPAC 2022
    • Dan - War in Ukraine
    • Steve - Dad Jokes
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    1 hr and 17 mins

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