• "Barack Is My Home" with Oprah Winfrey
    Apr 25 2023

    Michelle and Oprah talk about Michelle’s 50th birthday party on Oprah’s estate, how they foster relationships that last, and why—even after everything that has happened in our country—Michelle still believes in “going high”.

    Find the episode transcript here: audible.com/tlp/episode8

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    36 mins
  • "The Friendship Bubble" with Elizabeth Alexander
    Apr 18 2023

    Legendary poet and teacher Elizabeth Alexander sits down with Michelle to discuss their 30 years of friendship, how they struggled as young mothers, and the crucial support their friend group gave to them at the low points in their lives. Elizabeth also draws the curtain back on what really happens when you go on a retreat to Camp David with the First Lady.

    Find the episode transcript here: audible.com/tlp/episode7

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    30 mins
  • “Excellence Is My Practice” with Gayle King
    Apr 11 2023

    Parenting is the focus of this conversation: Gayle opens up about how she approached raising her “favorite daughter” and “favorite son", and Michelle discusses her fight to keep her daughters normal in the White House. (Spoiler: Driving lessons and dating are pretty tricky.) She also shares stories about watching the girls now that they’re launched and living together.

    Find the episode transcript here: audible.com/tlp/episode6

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    28 mins
  • "The Power Of Small" with David Letterman
    Apr 4 2023

    Legendary talk show host and comedian David Letterman talks to Michelle about anxiety, vulnerability, his struggles with taking criticism, and their mutual experiences in the public eye. They also swap knitting tips, and Michelle shares the tools that she leans on to quiet her mind.

    Find the episode transcript here: audible.com/tlp/episode5

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    30 mins
  • "Decoding Fear" with Ellen DeGeneres
    Mar 28 2023

    Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle discuss the role fear plays in their lives—why it’s important, the people who would weaponize it, and ways to turn the things that terrify you into rocket fuel. Michelle also tells the story of being forced to decide whether her husband would run for president and the time that inviting a Star Wars character to the White House ended up scarring one of her daughters. Plus, a special lesson on “starting kind.”

    Find the episode transcript here: audible.com/tlp/episode4

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    36 mins
  • “Telling Myself That I Was Enough” with Conan O’Brien
    Mar 21 2023

    Conan sits down with Michelle to talk about growing up feeling different and swap hard-won lessons about relationships and marriage. Plus: Michelle tells stories of her White House travels, including an unexpected invitation from the Queen that ended in a solid gold room.

    Find the episode transcript here: audible.com/tlp/episode3

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    38 mins
  • “We All Have A Light” with Tyler Perry
    Mar 14 2023

    Tyler Perry and Michelle discuss their different—but extremely powerful—childhood memories, the drive to succeed as working class Black folks, and the difficulty of raising kids in the spotlight. Bonus special guest Madea pops in with a few things to say about “going high”!

    Find the episode transcript here: audible.com/tlp/episode2

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    36 mins
  • “Kids Just Want Our Gladness” with Hoda Kotb 
    Mar 7 2023

    Hoda and Michelle go deep on the importance of shining our light for others, especially children. They also talk about how they’ve navigated the most daunting challenges in their lives—from Michelle’s time as the first Black First Lady or Hoda’s decision to adopt kids late in life.

    Find the episode transcript here: audible.com/tlp/episode1

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    40 mins