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  • Welcome to! We create short, erotic audio stories for women and couples. Bringing your most intimate fantasies to life. Erotic audio strories are on the rise and we couldn’t be happier about it. Putting any intense voice kink aside for a moment, erotic audio stories are the best ways for women and couples to consume erotic content. Erotic audio stories allow you to create a world entirely your own. Instead of watching someone else experience pleasure, you (and your partner) can enjoy subtle and sensual stories that are crafted to enhance your imagination for the ultimate erotic experience. Audiodesires offers erotic audio stories for women and couples to explore together or separately. With exciting and erotic voices, our professional speakers take you on a pleasurable journey through a story of your choosing. Exploring new kinks, sexual adventures and each other has never been more enjoyable.
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  • May 1 2021
    Well… isn’t this place adorable? I’ve walked past this café tons of times on my way to work. I always tell myself I’ll go inside and have a coffee…but I guess most days I’m rushing just to get to the office on time. Finally, I’ve got time for myself to do as I please. I take my place in line and can’t help but bite my bottom lip. Everything looks so delicious in the display case in front of me...but that’s not the only reason I’m feeling excited. I glance at my watch and a naughty smile curls on my’s almost time. It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon. And I’ve decided to take the rest of the day off work. Everything smells so good...the rich aroma of roasted coffee beans…the sweet and savory smell of freshly baked goods…I take a peek at the window ahead once more. This time actually focusing on the deserts scattered in the window. Oh, god, those brownies look absolutely delicious. The young couple ahead of me finishes their order and I step up to the counter. I decide on a chai latte and a slice of that delicious looking cake. Today is about indulgence.
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    11 mins
  • Apr 24 2021
    Listen to the full story: In this erotic audio story, a visit home after a long time away has two lovers confessing their long-standing feelings for each other, resulting in a public hookup in a diner. One shared peach milkshake leads to more in this spontaneous public sex story. It may be a little rough around the edges, and the paint might be fading a little. But it’s full of good people, and it’s home. It’s a beautiful summer’s evening and I’m feeling so… peaceful. On my way here yesterday, I could just feel myself relaxing as I got further and further away from the bustle of New York City. It’s strange; when I’m in the city, I don’t really think about this place. But whenever I’m home, I wonder why it has taken me so long to come back. I’m so glad to be spending some time with dad, too. He looked so happy to see me. But damn, this town is boring. My dad is already asleep and I couldn’t stand another hour in front of the television, so I’m out getting reacquainted with my old stomping grounds. Driving around, listening to the’s nice. I feel strangely protected by the huge evergreen trees that still line the little two-lane main road. And it’s comforting hearing the local radio station manned by the same voices I knew as a kid. From afar, I see the neon blinking lights of a retro-themed diner. Is that… ? No way. It’s still here?! Gwen’s Diner. Dad used to always take me there after baseball practice. I was never old enough to try the coffee, but the homemade peach milkshakes were to die for.
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    7 mins
  • Apr 18 2021
    Listen to the full story: In this erotic audio story, Rob the Ranch Hand is introduced to a reporter doing a spread for a local paper on the Agua Verde Ranch. While showing her around the Ranch, they get caught in a rain storm and take shelter under a mountain overpass. Things turn romantic and sensual between the two strangers in this 22-minute sexy cowboy audio story. Most folks might not like it, but I gotta say, there’s nothin’ better than some good ole’ fashioned hard work. Gives me time to think. Hell, most of the time I’m not really thinkin’ about anythin’. I’m just enjoying the sights and sounds of the Agua Verde ranch. I shrug off my worn, dusty button-up shirt and pull the brim of my hat down a little further. Man, it’s hot today. My bare chest is already sticky with sweat. I look up as an old red pickup truck comes down the county road. It kicks up clouds of dirt as it pulls up and parks right next to my own trusty Ford. I nod at the driver, my boss, Mr. Alvarez. Now who’s that he’s got riding shotgun with him? My eyes are stuck on you like a magnet. Those blue-jeans you’re wearing...they are uthentic, not like designer jeans folks wear in the city. And damn, they sure fit you like a glove.
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    10 mins

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