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Written by: Bruce Sterling
Narrated by: Jeff Woodman
Length: 10 hrs and 22 mins

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Publisher's Summary

It's 1999, and on the Turkish half of Cyprus, the ever-enterprising Leggy Starlitz has alighted - pausing on his mission to storm the Third World with the G-7 girls, the cheapest, phoniest all-girl band ever to wear Wonderbras and spandex. His market is staring him in the face: millions of teenagers trapped in a world of mullahs and mosques, all ready to blow their pocket change on G-7's massive merchandising campaign - and to wildly anticipate music the band will never release.

Leggy's brilliant plan means doing business with some of the world's most dangerous people. Among these thieves, schemers, and killers, he must act quickly and decisively. Y2K is just around the corner - and the only rule to live by is that the whole scheme stops before the year 2000. But Leggy's G-7 Zeitgeist is in serious jeopardy, for in Istanbul, his former partners are getting restless - and the G-7 girls are beginning to die...

©2000 Bruce Sterling
(P)2000 Random House, Inc.

Critic Reviews

"Bruce Sterling is "perhaps the sharpest observer of our media-choked culture working today." ( Time)

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  • Overall
    5 out of 5 stars
  • James
  • 11-09-05

Enjoyable, very well narrated post-cyberpunk piece

This, like Gibson's Pattern recognition is really a post-cyberpunk work and I think that might have turned some people off _ I personally was not turned off.

Styling :
I find this a natural extension of the earlier styling (where they may have explored the "near-future flawed or maybe corrupt", the post movement has shades of the "present inane")
"Edgy" has gone maybe a little "sardonic"
The buzzwords were, I feel, appropriately (over)used as THAT itself was part of the ccultural commentary
I found the atmosphere witty, dryly humorous and entertaining

Story :
Like Much of sci-fi (esp in the longform) the concept/theme of the stoy and the construction of the world can be less-than-perfectly integrated (hey, I find this even among the old gaurd masters of the genre)
It does seem to read like 2 different stories and takes a left turn maybe 70% through...and the reader has to shift gears with it
Admittedly, that transition is a little rough and maybe a little muddled (though maybe that was something we were supposed to feel...uprooted) -- not entirely smooth, but didn't trash the work by any means and certainly isn't the worst example of that by any means

Narration :
Extremely impressive, the narrator gives a different voice to the characters making it easy to follow and more of a performance, WITHOUT putting the characterizations on heavily enough to become tedious or overly apparent (I just heard it as different voices and it helped immersion into the story making the narration yet smoother).
I honestly feel one of the better readers I've heard just about anywhere

It's actually one I can go back and enjoy again

So my opinion differs from some of the other listeners

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  • Overall
    3 out of 5 stars
  • James K. Freda
  • 15-03-03

interesting near future history

This book is another good one by Bruce Sterling. He takes a more moderated tack to the practice of cyber-punk fiction, which he famously pioneered in co-authored books with William Gibson. Sterling here provides a pretty fun and interesting sort of international intrigue with a great protagonist and lots of good sociological speculation. All of his books are provocative and thoughtful science fiction on the cutting edge.

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  • Overall
    2 out of 5 stars
  • John
  • 09-02-04

Buzzwords galore

This book does its own literary criticsm, which would be interesting if the work actually rated literary criticism. Instead, _Zeitgeist_ stumbles under the weight poor storytelling and dozens upon dozens of buzzwords from modern philosophy and Internet-bubble technology.

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  • Overall
    1 out of 5 stars
  • Jerald
  • 25-12-03


In a nutshell, The "Emperor's New Book." Dark and unappealing. No real plot. One of the few books from Audible that I thought was a waste of time.

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    5 out of 5 stars
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    4 out of 5 stars
  • Story
    5 out of 5 stars
  • Rudy
  • 17-06-14

Lovely Leggy Starlitz

Any additional comments?

This is great, if you love Sterling's Leggy Starlitz stuff. If you don't, you may find that it's not for you. Sterling has a particular style with these stories, essentially throwing a big plate of futurist and cultural spaghetti at the reader to see what sticks, and it's marmite to say the least. It's a unique approach though, and I am a huge fan.

I loved Jeff Woodman's performance here, he really inhabited all of the characters, and considering the very wide range of age, gender and nationality, that is no mean feat. I've docked one star, and that's because the recording quality is poor. Not poor in that it affects your listening, but certainly not the crystal clear quality that Audible usually gives. It's more like they recorded it using a mobile phone. A 1999 mobile phone. Or maybe Y2K screwed up the data? Oh, Leggy...

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