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  • Jan 31 2023

    This podcast is a special tribute to Fr Isaac Achi who was burned to death by radical Islamic fundamentalists in Nigeria's Niger State on January 15, 2023. Dominican priest and professor of political science, Fr Iheanyi Enwerem, pays tribute to Fr Achi and remembers so many Catholic priests, Christian religious leaders, Nigerian Christians and men and women of goodwill who are being murdered everyday in Nigeria. He decries the persecution of Christians in Nigeria, and the failure of the government to guarantee the security of lives and properties in Nigeria. He blames the current government in Nigeria for its complicity in these atrocious evils against God's people and offers some solutions for addressing this trouble situation. 

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  • Jan 18 2023

    Theologian, humanitarian and charismatic priest, Fr Alex Ojacor, discuss with Fr Stan Chu Ilo on why he believes in miracles. Together they lay out the conditions for miracles in the biblical tradition and in Catholic beliefs and practices. They share their spiritual insights on why they are convinced that the search for, and claims about miracles in African churches are signs of faith and evidence of God's mighty deeds of power in the churches in Africa. The false claims about miracles, in some instances, do not invalidate the experience of God's great deeds in the lives of those who have faith and who come to God on their knees in humble prayers for divine intervention .  

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  • Jan 10 2023

    Ugandan theologian and humanitarian, Fr Alex Ojacor, discusses with Fr Stan Chu Ilo on why he thinks 2023 will be a great year for Africa and her peoples. They discuss the role of faith, the church, and politics in turning Africa's possibilities and hopes into reality for the flourishing of Africa and spreading prosperity for Africans in 2023.

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  • Jan 3 2023

    As Catholics and the rest of the world mourn the passing of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, we have assembled some of the most important scholars of Catholic intellectual tradition and experts on the theology of Pope Benedict XVI to discuss his legacy both as a theologian and pastor. Listen to the engaging and insightful theological analysis and tributes of Notre Dame University scholars, Prof Cyril O’Regan, Prof John Cavadini, and Prof Paulinus Odozor in conversation with Prof Stan Chu Ilo of DePaul University on the life and times of Benedict XVI and how he will be remembered.

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  • Dec 30 2022

    Was 2022 a good year for Africa? Was 2022 a good year for the Catholic Church in Africa and African Christianity in general? In this special episode of African Catholic Voices, Fr Stan Chu Ilo undertakes a theological and political analysis of some of the major events in Africa in 2022. He examines the response of  the Catholic Church in Africa and African Christians to current affairs in Africa this year. The episode concludes with an invitation to all God's people in Africa to end this year on a note of thanksgiving and hope as we step courageously into the New Year, journeying together, and lifting each other up as one family in the African Motherland. 

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  • Dec 8 2022

    On 1st November 2022, Pope Francis met with over 3000 young African university students. It was a part of the Building Bridges Initiative, an initiative of Pope Francis to connect with young faith influencers. 

    In this episode of the African podcast series, Sr Titilayo Aduloju chats with some members of the Nigerian cohort on what they have been doing since their encounter with the pope. The young faith influencers, who are visibly thrilled by their encounter with the pontiff, share their group and individual experiences. And while some have been planting trees, others have engaged in different training programs. Listening to the pope has also reinforced their belief in social engagement.

    Listen to their experiences and, please, feel to share it to your networks

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  • Nov 3 2022

    Sister Titilayo Aduloju,  Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel, discusses with Nigerian Catholic University students preparing for their encounter with pope Francis on the 1st of November. 
    Members of the cohort from different institutions of higher learning in Nigerians share their respective programs of preparation and their future plans for the months and years that will follow this continental encounter with the pope. 

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  • Oct 30 2022

    African Catholic university youth leaders Fr. Ambrose Bwangatto (Uganda), Sr Leonida Katunge (Kenya), and Fr Ferdinand Mubvigwi –(Zimbabwe) speak on their excitement as they prepare students from their respective African countries to this pilot program of virtual encounter with Pope Francis on All Saints Day. This Barazzar with the pope will be livestreamed.
    Join and listen to this papal conversation on YouTube at 2.45 pm, Rome time, 8.45 CT, 4.45 pm Nairobi, 2.45 pm Lagos:

    In English: https://youtu.be/CuyPfKxosGo

    In French: https://youtu.be/Yfc3U0In1t4

    In Spanish: https://youtu.be/4xaSYn3ucys

    Les responsables des jeunes étudiants catholique africaine, le Père Ambrose Bwangatto (Ouganda), Sœur Leonida Katunge (Kenya), et le Père Ferdinand Mubvigwi (Zimbabwe) parlent de leur joie de préparer plusieurs étudiants de leurs pays africains respectifs à ce programme pilote de rencontre virtuelle avec le Pape François à la fête de Toussaint. Ce Barazzar avec le pape sera diffusé en direct sure notre Youtube 

    Rejoignez-nous pour suivre cette conversation papale sur notre YouTube à 14h45, heure de Rome, 20h45 CT, 16h45 Nairobi, 14h45 Lagos :

    En Anglais : https://youtu.be/CuyPfKxosGo

    En Français : https://youtu.be/Yfc3U0In1t4

    En Espagnol : https://youtu.be/4xaSYn3ucys

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