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A Little Murder: Angie Deacon Mysteries Publisher's Summary

There has been a murder on Lake Winnipesaukee.
The fishing charter boat carried seven people - six people and the murdered boat captain.

Angie Deacon was the last to see Nolan Little alive. Which makes her a prime suspect in his death. Sure, he was gruff and insensitive. Treated his wife like dirt. But besides Valerie, why would any of the five strangers on board want him dead? None of them knew him before today.

Or did they?

Police detective Colby Jarvis storms the boat determined to unveil the killer before they get back to shore. What a feather in the widower's cap that would be. He falls hook, line, and sinker at his first sight of Angie, but she is married and off limits.

He sets to work piecing together the information from the afternoon spent fishing on the lake.

  • Angie was seen having an altercation with Mr. Little earlier that day.
  • But so did handsome Jamaican Montez Clarke, who by day is a computer geek. He even went so far as to pop Nolan in the nose.
  • Why did Sonny Phelps bring two duffel bags aboard? They don't appear to contain fishing gear. They're there, and then they are gone.... And Sonny won't talk about them, nor will he explain about his partnership with Montez.
  • And what about the pretty boy Tyson Goodwell, born into wealth and privilege? He just showed up as the boat was pulling away from the dock? Why?
  • As for Angie's husband, Will...all Jarvis can come up with is philandering. Bad enough but it doesn't make him a murderer.

Valerie begs Angie to help find the killer before they lock her up forever. Angie is an ER nurse; she has no aspirations toward becoming a woman sleuth. But if she refuses, Val threatens to ask Sonny and Montez, which could land her in even deeper trouble. Under pressure, Angie agrees.

Once she learns the woman's dark secret, will Angie regret her decision to jump into the role of female detective?

As in all murder investigations, untruths aren't the only cause for alarm as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, leaving Angie wondering just exactly how her cheating husband fit into the deadly equation...and if she is next on the killer's list.

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