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The Tech Billionaires Collection Publisher's Summary

How did companies like Facebook, PayPal, Oracle, and Google get started? Who built the internet as we know it now? What are their stories? How did these tech giants turn innovation into a global technological empire? 

You’ll learn it all and more with The Tech Billionaires Collection!

This exciting new collection gives you five biographies in a single bundle for one low price. Through their hardships, discoveries, and ultimately their success, these self-made men are the pinnacle of modern technology and have risen to become the top billionaires of our time.

What sets them apart from everyone else? And who exactly are they?

Included in this bundle are the biographies of some of the most fascinating men in modern technology:

  • Mark Zuckerberg: The Facebook Billionaire
  • Jack Ma: The Man Who Created Alibaba
  • Peter Thiel: The Contrarian Billionaire
  • Larry Ellison: The Founder of Oracle
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin: The Google Billionaire Founders

Did you know Google was originally a research project at Stanford University? That Oracle got it’s name from the CIA? Or why Facebook’s logo is blue? The men behind them do!

Learn their secrets to success in this fantastic biography collection that doesn’t just give you background into who they are, but also explains how they think and why that drove them to achieve such great accomplishments! In an industry where dreams are made (and many fail), these five tech billionaires have risen to the top.

Learn about their lives and their dreams in this biography collection!

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