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Magick and the Bible: Is Magick Compatible with the Bible? Publisher's Summary

This is volume one of the Bible Magick series. In this book we will discuss magick and some of its uses in the Bible. Often we are told that magick and the teachings of the Bible don't mix. We are warned time and time again that if we use magick we are breaking God's law. In this book, I will show you clearly that magick has been used in the Bible by divine command. This book is not a book on how to perform Bible magick, but rather that there is such a thing as Bible magic and that's it's okay to use the Bible for magical purposes.

In future volumes, I will go into Bible magick practice itself. This book will serve as background that you will need before starting a biblical magic practice. Using the Bible for magick, although fairly common, is quite controversial. There are clear passages in the Bible that state magick of all kinds is forbidden. Yet, there are so many instances that God himself commands his followers to perform magickal acts. I am not talking about miracles, but He is actually commanding them to preform magick that you would find amongst other magicians of the day. In this book we will examine a few of these occurrences. We will also discuss why the Bible writers forbade magick as well. You won't want to miss that chapter. Let us begin.

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