Blood Relations Series

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Deadly Walkabout Publisher's Summary

Logan Bell accepts a contract assassination, believing it originates from one of the US organized crime families. Unbeknownst to him, the CIA has co-opted the method by which these contracts are communicated, and the order has come from the CIA instead.

The CIA has ordered the hit as a favor to the UK's famed MI-6, and if that's not unusual enough, MI-6 undertook the deed as a favor to a member of the Royal Family.

When the deed is done, everyone appears to get what they sought. A prominent member of the Royal Family has repaid a debt to an old friend. MI-6 facilitated the request without having to get involved. And, the CIA has demonstrated it can command a highly trained assassin without his being any the wiser.

But what does Logan Bell receive in this bargain? He's forced to flee London believing the Russian mob wants him dead. Both Logan and his sister flee into the rural Cotswolds hoping to disappear in plain sight. Unfortunately, there are others who have something else in mind for them entirely.

©2018 Howard D. Weiner (P)2019 Howard D. Weiner
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