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The Vault of the Witch Hunters Publisher's Summary

"Why should wizards have all the fun? Ever thought about how dangerous magic is? How people like us get left in the wake of their spells and monsters. We never went to any fancy prep school magic college. We don't get to wear fancy robes." Peckron said to Cartson. "All we got is our brains, your cudgel and a little luck."

"Well we've got the last two, but who has the brains?" Cartson replied.

"Oh you little pogs-wallow!" Peckron scolded. "Keep focused, we got a long road ahead, and we don't have any wands or potions or magical beasts to keep us safe."

On a quest for a forgotten treasure vault in a war torn land, The Vault of the Witch Hunters is a subversive and thrilling ride with two non-magical adventures who have to face the dangers of a magical world.

Its a fast and frantic story, where two friends learn of a buried vault filled with forbidden artifacts. The only trouble, an enemy army stands between them and the excavation. It's a race against time to collect it before it's buried for good. Can their flea-ridden local guide sneak them past an army of fierce warriors? Can they plunder the vault before the secrets of the Witch Hunters are gone forever? Set in a magical world that exists in a tapestry woven by the Gods, this buddy adventure sets the stage for a larger conflict, and provides lots of chaotic fun.

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