Chhupe Saaye

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Chhupe Saaye is a 38-episode series from Audible Suno, conceived and created by Indrani Chakrabarti, directed by Anirban Bhattacharyya and produced by EmVeeBee Media Private Ltd. The series features stories of the supernatural, paranormal, horror, suspense and crime from the best of English, Bengali and regional literature. From strange creatures emerging from a moonlit lake, to a deadly stalker following a schoolmaster in the dead of the night, to a lifeless doll coming to the rescue of a little girl, to the sad tale of a patient fighting his inner demons, experience stories that will stay with you long after you listen.

New episodes of Chhupe Saaye will be released weekly.


The show is for adult listeners. This show is entirely fictitious, inspired in parts by classics and literary works, and any resemblance to real persons (dead or alive), places, and/or events is purely coincidental. This show is not intended to outrage, insult, defame, or hurt any religion or the religious sentiments, beliefs, or feelings of any person, entity, class, or community, and does not encourage or propagate any superstitious beliefs, black magic, and/or witchcraft. Listeners should exercise their discretion.

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