Crescent Cove

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Crescent Cove Publisher's Summary

Welcome to Central New York's number one baby town, Crescent Cove!

We'd like to introduce you to our best-selling series where the babies are plentiful and a happily ever after is guaranteed. Try out the first four books in one volume.

What you'll find inside:

  • Best friends falling in love
  • Frenemies to lovers with a bonus plus-sign complication
  • A grumpy mechanic single dad falling for his kid's sweetly sassy teacher
  • An ex-race car driver finds out his one-night stand is his new sister-in-law—oops!

Book 1, Have My Baby: My best friend Seth’s little girl wants a sibling, but he’s a workaholic millionaire who doesn't have time to meet he asks me to have his baby.

Book 2, Claim My Baby: When I hooked up with my frenemy on a wild trip to Vegas, I never expected we’d be bringing home an extra-special gift.

Book 3, Who’s the Daddy?: I delivered a pizza to Kelsey and ended up staying for an especially spicy dessert. Then I found out she was my son’s teacher—and oops, she’s having my baby....

Book 4, Pit Stop: Baby!: After an impetuous hookup, I find out the unforgettable woman I slept with is now family when our siblings get married. And surprise, we are adding an unexpected new family member of our own....

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