Erotic Fairy Tale

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Hunted by the Beast Publisher's Summary

A woman alone in the woods at night is an unsafe thing, especially when the Beast of legends is searching for a mate....

Ever since her regrettable night of dull, drunken sex with Michael, Danya's had the feeling that someone's watching her. When the beast-cursed man she glimpsed in the woods shows up in her room, sniffing her panties, she knows it, and panics.

Except why does she want him? He continues to follow her and she tries to fight her urges, but every time she thinks of him she becomes incredibly hot and aroused. Sex with regular men starts to become boring, unacceptable. So when the beastman leaves a crude note inviting her to his hidden mansion in the woods, she's not sure if she should accept or run away.

If she goes, will he take her in some primal show of lust and urgency, like she so desperately desires? Or, if she refuses, what then? Danya is about to find out just what it means to be Hunted by the Beast.

©2014 Cerys du Lys (P)2014 Cerys du Lys
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