Flight of the Wren

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Flight of the Wren Publisher's Summary

"An impressive and intricate novel that’s rich in character and full of action." (Kirkus Reviews

A Booklife Editor's Pick: "Fox (the Grace Coffin series) enchants with his first Viking Age novel, a sweeping medieval saga that stretches across 11th-century Scandinavia... This exquisitely wrought medieval tale will appeal to fans of both fantasy and historical epics."

In 1002 AD, a young shaman's apprentice returns home to find that Norsemen have razed her village. Hilja begins an impossible quest to redeem her tribe and must use all her courage and craft to survive.

From the four corners of Scandinavia, Flight of the Wren weaves history with battles, magic, intrigue, and romance, sweeping the listener on a collision course with the end of an age. A broad and lavish saga that spans five novels and 30 years, we follow several threads that weave across the weft of history, filled out by the weave of mystery.

In this first novel of the series, we witness the origins of Olav Haraldsson and the apprenticeship of Canute the Great under Thorkell. We meet the crafty Witch of Vestfold and her children, and watch as she shapes the future with her seidr magic.

Thorkell's crew fights against vengeful Russians, as he sails to Uppsala to steal magical rune tiles for his wife, and all along, Hilja, our heroine, travels across the breadth of Scandinavia with her companion, "The Cursed Boy" in search of her lost tribe. 

A book with a huge heart, epic battles, and young heroes coming of age at the cusp of an era.

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