Fuzed Trilogy

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Impact Publisher's Summary

A winner of the 2016 Eric Hoffer Award for best eBook and Foreword Reviews Book of the Year (under the original title Resurrect), Impact is a thought-provoking action thriller. The nemesis, unfortunately, is not only possible, it's apocalyptic and inevitable...but also preventable.  

During a routine flight, Commander Josh Logan's fighter catches on fire. Preventing the burning jet from hitting a neighborhood, he ejects too late. A year later, he wakes up in a city hospital looking like an omni-racial Olympic athlete. He realizes his body wasn't repaired, it was replaced. A genetic blend of the best genes from every race, he has one-in-a-billion abilities but no identity. Everyone who knew him believes he's dead.   

Contacted by a voice only he hears, he's told humanity will be annihilated in two years. 

A Navy pilot brought back from the dead to save the world? It's textbook schizophrenia...but what if the fate of the human race really rests in the hands of a man who doesn't recognize his own reflection?

©2018 David E Stevens (P)2019 David E Stevens
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