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Quit Emotional Eating Publisher's Summary

Why aren't we able to rule ourselves?

In this book, Quit Emotional Eating, you'll find out what you're hungry for. No diet, no matter how well-planned, will succeed if emotional eating is a factor. You're about to uncover the secret to nutrition mastery, a tried-and-true formula for keeping to any diet you decide is perfect for fulfilling your weight-loss and health-related objectives. Know that you are not alone! As the expert Elizabeth Gilbert says, "Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions." 

This book, Quit Emotional Eating, isn't a food manual - there are just too many of them. Diets collapse because people cannot stick to them, not because they are ineffective. Learn how to keep on board for every lifestyle, resist binge-eating, and work out what you really desire (hint: it's not food!). If you want to avoid emotional eating right now and forever, get this book! Change the hunger for food into a hunger for life!

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