Inheritance Cycle

7 titles in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 208 ratings


Get swept away by the Inheritance Cycle, the fantasy sensation about a farm boy who realizes his destiny as a Dragon Rider!

Eragon has grown up a poor farm boy, but his life is about to change when he discovers a blue gemstone in the forest. He takes it home and is shocked to discover the gemstone is a dragon egg, and it hatches a blue dragon named Saphira. Saphira and Eragon share a special bond, but when the evil King Galbatorix learns of Saphira's existence, he begins to pursue Eragon relentlessly, wanting Saphira for himself. Together, Eragon and Saphira escape their village with an elderly storyteller who reveals that he is the last of the Dragon Riders, once thought extinct in Alagaësia, and Eragon and his dragon are the kingdom's only hope. Now Eragon and Saphira must train hard to master ancient magic, join the resistance, and fight to restore balance in Alagaësia.

Irish-born actor Gerard Doyle narrates all four books in the series, plus author Christopher Paolini's short story collection. He's no stranger to voicing fantasies about dragons, having performed the audiobook of How to Train Your Dragon, and he's won multiple Earphones Awards and was named a Best Voice in Young Adult Fiction in 2008. Doyle narrates the complex invented Elvish and Dwarvish languages of the Eragon series masterfully, an impressive feat that makes these audiobooks must-listens.  

Christopher Paolini famously began writing Eragon at age 15 and self-published the novel before landing a major publishing deal for his series. Listen to the four installments in order, then plug into The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm, Paolini's latest entry in the Inheritance Cycle universe! It includes three short stories set after the events of Inheritance, and a short tale penned by the author’s sister, Angela Paolini, the inspiration for the character of Angela the Herbalist!  

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