My 3 Secrets to Success

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My 3 Secrets To Success is a series that features prominent personalities from various fields speaking about success, its definitions, evolution, and the three principles that have lead them to what they are today. While each guest reflects on their own successful careers, the listeners get a chance to explore their own definitions and potentials for success.


The podcast is meant solely for the purpose of entertainment and information. No identification of any actual persons, locations, institutions is intended or should be inferred, unless explicitly mentioned in the podcast. No part of the series including any character, event, or dialogue is intended to disgrace, defame, offend, malign, or hurt the sentiments of any person (living or dead), gender, organization, religion, ethnic group, caste, community, class of persons, institution, profession or beliefs in any manner, whatsoever. The disclaimer informs listeners that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the podcast belong solely to the participants and guests in the podcast, and that the producers, Audible and/or other persons associated with the podcast do not represent, endorse and/or bear any liability for any content, personal views or opinions of the participants or guests expressed in this podcast or for any issue arising in connection therewith.

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