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Expectatio Publisher's Summary

Advent Calendar 2018: Day 18

When he claims a rare artefact in place of an unpaid fee, underhive bounty hunter Arturos is set on a quest that could make his fortune - if he survives it.  

Listen to it because: It's a dark and gritty Necromunda tale that delves into the seedy underbelly of bounty hunting and the consequences of messing with things you might not understand.

The story: When the underhive bounty hunter Arturos delivers a renegade Goliath to the Guilder Meriko, he expects his payment of 60 credits for the capture. But Meriko has taken out more bounties than he can afford, and payment isn't forthcoming.... 

Luckily for him, among the junk in his shop is a treasure that's worth Arturos' time and effort. A Spiraptor, a mechanical bodyguard programmed to protect a wealthy individual, it sends Arturos on a quest that could make his fortune - or claim his life.

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