Psychedelic Curiosity

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The Beginners Introductory Guide to DMT - Psychedelics and the Dimethyltryptamine Molecule Publisher's Summary

Thinking about taking this magical drug? Ever wondered what exactly happens when you take DMT? Want to make sure you don't have a bad trip?

In this unbiased book you'll explore the effects of DMT including the risks and benefits of taking it in the modern world. Educate yourself and learn the history of this psychedelic compound before you decide to go further with whatever you’re thinking.

There are plenty of fascinating facts, stories and intriguing questions you’re going to come across that may shock you.

Some of topics covered in this book include.

  • Experiencing death
  • Proper DMT consumption
  • Proper preparation
  • Instruments and techniques
  • Bad trips
  • DMT vs oOther psychedelics
  • Entering the hallway of all possible realities

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