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RX 17 Series: Banish Pain Publisher's Summary

Track 1: Alpha Level Programming - Dick will lead you through a full-body relaxation, taking you down to a level where your subconscious mind is open and receptive to positive suggestions. These impactful statements can reach every level of your body and mind, helping you become all you are capable of being. Suggestion examples include:

  • You now relax and release the discomfort.
  • You feel better and better and better.
  • You mentally control your physical reality, and you feel good.
  • Every in-breath heals, every out-breath releases.

You are then encouraged to visualize yourself as having already accomplished what you desire, and given affirmations to repeat, all of which strengthens this programming. Finally, Dick gives you these key trigger words for your posthypnotic conditioned response: “Relax and release.”

Track 2: Subliminal Programming - Using the most powerful mind-programming techniques available, positive messaging is embedded for you in relaxing music.

Note: If you listen with headphones, the relaxing power of this program will be greatly enhanced, but it is not necessary.

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