Stone Barrington

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Travel the world and venture into intrigue and danger with Stone Barrington, an ex-cop turned attorney and investigator with money, brains, looks, and nerves of steel.

Imagine James Bond as an American super-sleuth who knows the law. That’s Stone Barrington: ex-cop, sharp lawyer-detective, and irresistible to women. Super-rich, handsome, funny, and well-dressed, Barrington has the goods. With his quick wit and intrepid streak, he’s the ideal guy to confront nefarious blackmailers, embezzlers, jewel thieves, spies, and murderers. Set in upscale cities from Manhattan to Palm Beach, Bel-Air to Paris, these thrillers are filled with glitz and glam, romantic entanglements, political intrigue, and dizzying plot twists.

Actor Tony Roberts is Stone Barrington. He performs with a commanding voice of self-assurance and cool intelligence, making Barrington sound like a man who always knows what he’s doing - and never makes a wrong move. Listeners rave: “Tony Roberts gets into character and is captivating. Always a pleasure to hear him.” “Tony gets thumbs up from me, one of my favorite narrators. He seems to have these characters down pat. I think if I had to listen to this series with any other narrator it wouldn't be the same.”

Stuart Woods set his sights on becoming an author at age 10. Taking him eight years to complete, his 1981 debut novel, Chiefs, won the Edgar Award and inspired a CBS TV miniseries starring Charlton Heston and featuring Danny Glover, Billy Dee Williams, and John Goodman. Woods has since been a prolific New York Times best selling author with more than 75 novels and two series, Stone Barrington and Holly Barker, to his credit. An avid sailor and pilot, he lives in Florida, Maine, and New Mexico.

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