The Devil's Assistant

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The Devil's Assistant Omnibus Publisher's Summary

Dark Hope - Book 1

Claire became the Devil’s PA five years ago when her mother tried to weasel out of her deal by dying. In this job, the retirement package blows. And a pink slip is a one-way ticket to Hell.

When Claire’s accused of murdering the Boss’s immortal son, it’s clear someone’s setting her up, leaving her no choice but to run - and try to figure out why there’s a target on her back.

Dark Awakened - Book 2

Her fiancé dead, Claire finds refuge in the last place The Boss and Mab would think to find her - the arms of Death. But her sanctuary is starting to feel like a prison, her dreams haunted by little crazies. The key to freedom leads her straight down the express portal to Purgatory. Where she discovers Mab forcing the Quad’s pagan gifts to manifest. To free them from Mab’s trap, Claire’s only chance is a quest traced in blood. And one drop of a mistake could not only upset the balance of power, it could cost her life.

Dark Forsaken - Book 3

Claire, the Fall Queen, has been stripped of the druid blood and locked out of her realm until she’s found a new curator for the Great Museum. The interview process alone makes her long for the good old days as The Boss’s lackey. At least it keeps her distracted from her broken heart.

With limited powers, she has no choice but to accept an assignment to handle a small problem in Little Purgatory. But there are no such things as small problems, not when one wrong move could get Claire killed and bring about the wholesale collapse of the Underworld.

Dark Contender - Book 4

Clair races to find the last few drops of her own original blood - before the big three usurp her realm and end any chance she’ll fulfill the prophecy.

Meanwhile, the Oracle has emerged to gleefully fling monkey wrenches into Claire’s timeline. As a result, the Prince of Time is kidnapped. Which definitely isn’t part of the prophecy.

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