The Gam3

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A gripping LitRPG series about virtual alien battles and real-life dangers.

Living on Earth post-alien-invasion means getting used to a lot of things: society is changing, there’s advanced tech wherever you turn, and an armada of robots keep the peace. College student Alan, in the middle of pursuing a degree that quickly turned useless, isn’t concerned with any of the big changes. He only cares about the new entertainment the alien invaders brought along: the Game. He recklessly dives into the digital universe of fully immersive virtual reality, looking for a new way to experience the world. But the Game is far from simple, and there’s more at stake that Alan bargained for.

Nick Podehl lends his voice to this thrilling sci-fi audiobook series, bringing each unique character fully to life with his stunning reading. With his smooth voice guiding you through the twists and turns of the narrative, there won’t be any distractions from the story at hand. His narration makes it easy to picture the upheaval of this science fiction world and the emotions of the characters it houses.

Cosimo Yap began writing The Gam3 as a project for National Novel Writing Month, with his own love of video games influencing the narrative, including the inspiration for a rogue-like main character. Though he lost nearly a month of writing due to a computer crash, his second draft was initially published as a web serial before he self-published on Amazon.

The Gam3 is part of a genre called LitRPG, or Literary Role Playing Game; a genre that combines literary works with the conventions of RPG games, such as game-like challenges or numbered character statistics like intelligence and strength. Opening Moves, the first in the series, is one of the first American LitRPGs to be translated into Russian.

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