The Merchant System

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The Merchant System, Book One Publisher's Summary

Money is power!

Even in a world where gods walk amongst men, demons roam free, and dragons soar high, being rich is still a genuine advantage.

Equipped with the power to become the apotheosis of all merchants - past and present - the young Jacob ventures forth as he learns there may be more to life than just having stacks of cash. 

Jacob's life took a turn for the worse after being abandoned at a very young age. 

Persecuted by his home village and cursed with many misfortunes, the only fortunate event in his melancholic existence came when he was taken a slave to a noble house. 

This sole "good thing" didn't last long, though. One fateful day - his sad life ended at the tender age of 14. 

Fortunately, death wasn't the end of it for him. Reawakening, he feels the same as before, except for one minor change.

Ding! System Initializing.... Now activating the [Merchant's Hack].

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