The Ocoda Chronicles

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Paladin Publisher's Summary

The Year is 2079 and the Earth has recently been discovered by a ruthless alien race known as the T-Challa.

Their plan is to enslave the population and to strip the Earth of all its resources to maintain and expand their vast empire.

However the Earth is not without hope, another alien race called the X'ena's have sent a symbiotic probe to Earth to help defend her from the T-Challa.

The Probe which takes the name Paladin merges with a human named Caleb Ocoda as well as an ancient battleship from a century ago and transforms both into a force to protect the Earth.

Caleb then man’s his ship with the best the Earth has to offer as they go out and defend the Earth, successfully defeating the small fleet sent by the T-Challa. Unfortunately the ship suffers damage and it affects Caleb wounding him. It is quickly discovered that Caleb is dying and with him the mighty ship named Paladin. The only defense of Earth.

After searching all possible answers to save himself and protect the Earth, Caleb decides to find the X'ena to see if they can cure him before his death, but time is short and the single ship must travel through the heart of the T-Challa Empire to find the X'ena and save Caleb. Will they succeed?

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