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Zero Stress Transitions Publisher's Summary

Investors are all too often lured by the prospect of instant millions and fall prey to the many fads of Wall Street. The myriad approaches they adopt offer little or no real prospect for long-term success and invariably run the risk of considerable economic loss they resemble speculation or outright gambling, not a coherent investment program. But value investing - the strategy of investing in securities trading at an appreciable discount from underlying value - has a long history of delivering excellent investment results with limited marriage, divorce, a death in the family, a new job, retirement, pregnancy, a new home, kids in college, aging parents, sudden financial change, serious health conditions, or a new relationship. Transitions are the times in our life when we will make the worst mistakes in our life or create the best possible improvements to it.

How do we stack the deck in our favor?

The staggering pace of our modern world with its global workforce and markets generates a constant background of instability that forces us to go through many, many more transitions than our parents or their parents ever experienced.

This audiobook can help you learn the 3 things you need to know to make your next transition a defining moment that you can easily navigate with much less stress and much more personal power. The first of these three is to develop a very specific kind of self-confidence that uses your intuition as a trusted guide. The second is a quick and easy way to develop a healthy self-image and last, but certainly not least, is a better plan to handle overwhelm.

Enjoy the Kindle or audiobook version of Zero Stress Transitions today and learn how easy it is to reduce stress, increase your self-confidence and handle your overwhelm even in the midst of a major life transition!

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