Katina I. Makris

Katina I. Makris

Katina Makris has a 35 year history of spiritual healing and homeopathy, so it was a shock to her and everyone else when she suddenly had a debilitating undiagnosed illness. After 5 years, 17 neurologists, and countless other misdiagnoses from other physicians, she finally had an answer -- Lyme Disease. By the time she had answers, they weren’t good ones. Her Lyme disease was advanced and she was given a 10% chance of survival. When Katina crossed over the veil, she received a powerful message from a benevolent spirit guide. She was overcome with the passion to recover and help others. She has gone on to live a remarkable life as a healer, author, and teacher. This book contains the innermost thoughts captured in her journal as she came to the realization that self-love and compassion for others changes everything. She believes that if you believe in yourself, nothing really is impossible, and that our minds, hearts, and spirits are so much more capable and powerful than we give them credit for. By being present within the moment and by illuminating our pathway of inner resources, we can fight back. ------- "May the pages in this book help you to believe in yourself and that nothing really is impossible. Our mind, heart and spirit are vastly capable and when we take the time to be quiet and present within our self, versus multitasking and pushing so hard on the external planes of societal expectations. Often, we can become disconnected or fuzzy in our connection to inner source and higher consciousness. My intention is to help illuminate your pathway of inner resource. I hope to share thoughts and insights and messages of inspiration to many of you on your healing journey or merely daily life of more aware living. As both a seeker and a messenger, I look forward to sharing in mutual support, the amazing gifts of inner mind-body-spirit skills we all possess." - Katina Makris

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