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Acting Excellence Hypnosis Bundle

Activate Superior Acting Skills, with Hypnosis
Written by: Hypnosis Live
Narrated by: Hypnosis Live
Length: 2 hrs and 27 mins
Categories: Self-Development, Hypnosis

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Publisher's Summary

Acting Excellence Hypnosis Bundle - Activate Superior Acting Skills, with Hypnosis

Acting requires confidence, talent, and preparation. You need to dig deep and have faith in what you're doing, becoming centered and taking on the character's role with a genuine and sincere approach. You need to be able to hold an audience's attention and pull them into the action, transporting them into a world of make-believe. And you can achieve all of this in just a few hours - with help from hypnosis.

Make the Stage Your Own

The four performance-boosting sessions in the Acting Excellence Hypnosis Bundle will help you uncover powerful self-confidence, overcome your nerves, get ready to perform, and move with purpose and poise.

Hypnosis Session 1: Overcome Stage Fright

Reprogram your mind to enjoy your moment in the spotlight and permanently overcome stage fright. Take to the floor with boundless confidence. Visualize your success before you set foot on stage, and never let anxiety or fear stop you ever again.

  • Give sizzling performances when you step on stage!
  • Enjoy super-confidence in your abilities
  • Overcome nervousness and control your body's reactions
  • Rewire your mind to revel in the challenge

Hypnosis Session 2: Instant Self-Confidence

Dissolve the confidence-draining negativity that has been ruling your mind. Quickly install new self-assurance and generate positive energy. See yourself doing well in rehearsals and on stage, and use your self-belief to banish negative thoughts.

  • Enjoy instant, supreme confidence in any area of your life!
  • Feel certain in your decisions and your ability to succeed
  • Radiate with self-belief and eliminate doubt for good
  • Tackle any task knowing you'll always perform at your best

Hypnosis Session 3: Be an Amazing Dancer

Eliminate self-doubt, install new talents, and dazzle audiences with your dancing skills. Tap into the dancing genius deep within, and bring out 100% of your physical abilities. Discover how to overcome any anxiety and fear related to dancing in just a matter of hours.

  • Become a flawless, awesome dancer!
  • Master dance styles quickly and easily
  • Improve any aspect of your dancing
  • Be ultra-confident in your abilities

Hypnosis Session 4: Prepare for the Big Event

Change your thinking patterns to be able to relax into the flow of any event. Take rehearsals, premiers, leading roles, and dance routines in your stride. Wave goodbye to anxiety forever, and learn to mentally plan so you're ready when it's time to act.

  • Prepare for your big event with complete confidence!
  • Be your best at any event, no matter what it is
  • Pull off the perfect performance, every time

Download the Acting Excellence Hypnosis Bundle now to become the quality actor or actress you've always wanted to be.

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  • Deb
  • 15-06-15

Couldn't get past the first 10 minutes

Any additional comments?

I've found that some self-help books only leave me more confused and or less confident. I think the narrator said "stage fright" at least five to ten times, within the first ten or so minutes I listened. Then, I stopped. It's a word I don't even want in my vocabulary. Versus, why not say positive words to focus on like, "confident", "outgoing", etc. It's like listening to a book on how to drive well, and hearing, "car crash" again and again.

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    4 out of 5 stars
  • kevin m love
  • 26-01-15

I found this useful but it might be improved.

I was pleased there were more than just the stage fright meditation in the audio package. It felt like a good value.
I found the preliminary word for word repetition in all four meditations redundant and disappointing. However, I enjoyed the shift of imagery to the elevator with each room and found the split body image odd but effective.
Thirty years ago I used hypnosis to help me overcome fears of childbirth. My fears were premonitions as I expired on the delivery table and had to be resuscitated after which I hemorrhaged but because I was able to relax and let go, my baby was pulled free while I was out of body and we both recovered quickly and completely. An excellent outcome with a very large baby in a difficult position and a bleeding detached placenta which I attributed in part to hypnosis. Hypnosis also helped me quit smoking prior to pregnancy.
I wondered if you made one to increase cardiac output to assist people in congestive heart failure. The medications all have limited efficacy and nasty side effects. Being a senior now my health issues have changed. I believe you might help many people with such a meditation. Thanks