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CAPRICORN True Potentials Fulfilment - Personal Development

Written by: Sunny Oye
Narrated by: Richard Johnson
Length: 31 mins

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Publisher's Summary

You appear to be reserved and cool, but you are actually eager and passionate. And I want you to understand that it is okay to show these aspects of your personality. It‘s okay to appear eager and passionate. It’s okay to be in touch with your true feelings and share them with the world.

You are very pragmatic. You are perhaps the most practical of the earth signs, and that’s fine! As an earth sign you have a need to be grounded, to have a firm base from which to operate and that is fine. That is part of who you are and realize that once that firm base is established, you can have fun.

Many Capricorns, as they age chronologically actually seem to get younger inside, in their minds. They have more and more fun as they become more and more established and that’s fine.

Realize that even if you are young, relatively speaking, it’s okay to have more fun right now. It’s okay to be spontaneous. You are intense. You are loyal and you are capable of handling pressure. You are capable of meeting deadlines.

You are capable of managing a business and a career. And at the same time you are capable of being handy enough at home. You are termed as a domestic engineer. And these things are okay because no matter what you do it is okay to take care of things at home. Let go of the ideas you may have heard in the past. Let go of the ideas of being grounded as being boring, let go of that! Instead, embrace the idea of taking care of your home and finances and career and on top of that add some fun…download the audio recording to learn more.

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