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Burt Reynolds Reads Robert B. Parker Publisher's Summary

Burt Reynolds reads three of Robert B. Parker's finest Spenser novels:

Chance: Big-time Boston hoodlum Julius Ventura wants to find his only daughter's missing husband - even though it's pretty clear to Spenser and Hawk that Julius isn't telling the whole truth. Something about the case appeals to Spenser's passion for justice, though, and he launches an odyssey into the netherworld of organized crime.

Hush Money: When Robin Nevins is denied acceptance into an exclusive university, Spenser is eager to investigate. It seems the denial is tied to the suicide of a young gay activist, and as Spenser digs deeper, he is immersed in a multicultural swamp of politics: Black, gay, academic, and feminist. Meanwhile, Spenser's girlfriend, Susan, asks him to come to the aid of an old college friend who is being stalked. 

Small Vices: Ellis Alves is no angel. But when his lawyer says he was framed for the murder of a college student, Spenser agrees to help. From Boston's back streets to Manhattan's elite, Spenser and Hawk search for suspects. But when a man with a .22 puts Spenser in a coma, is the chance for justice dead?

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