The Girl Who Dared to Think


When thinking is a crime, who isn’t a criminal? Liana Castell is a resident of the Tower, where she earns ire for even her rebellious thoughts. But when her ideas start to get a little too radical and she’s sent on the run, she starts discovering secrets the Tower’s forces would rather stay lost.

In the huge, glass-walled Tower, each person’s worth is measured by their usefulness. Monitored by an implant in their skulls, each person is given a rating out of 10 based on their usefulness and loyalty. Threes require drug treatment. Twos are isolated. Ones disappear.

20-year-old Liana sits at a four, despite her parents’ perfect 10s. When her rebellious thoughts push her down to a three, desperation kicks in. She begins following a young man whose cocky dissidence is at odds with the 10 on his wrist. But this path is in no way clear, and a twist sends Liana spiraling into decades’ worth of secrets that she pursues through the dusty corners of the Tower, uncovering more conspiracies over the course of multiple books.

Join Kirsten Leigh as she narrates the heart-pounding descent into this dystopian society. Her soft, clear voice is perfect for moving you through a series full of twists, turns, and surprises. Leigh’s delivery makes it easy to imagine the dark and controlling world of the Tower as Liana dives deeper and deeper into its secrets.

A prolific and best-selling author of dark fantasy packed with action, mystery, and romance, Bella Forrest brings us another fascinating dystopian world. Her other successful series include The Gender Game, The Child Thief, and Harley Merlin. Forrest credits most of her ideas to her own hyperactive imagination, which she combines with deeper research to create her different stories. Among her inspirational authors are J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen, and C.S. Lewis.

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