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Go Beyond Guilt and Regret to Realize a New You

Secrets of Being Unstoppable, Program 13
Written by: Guy Finley
Narrated by: Guy Finley
Length: 54 mins

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This program from the series Secrets of Being Unstoppable, by Guy Finley, focuses on getting beyond feelings of guilt. Guilt and regret are emotions most people deal with at different points in their lives, and they can be paralyzing. Finley focuses on ways to acknowledge mistakes you have made, and forgive yourself for those mistakes. Finley brings his usual combination of passion and compassion to the narration of this program. Finley's talent lies in his ability to convey spiritual and emotional truths with a real down-to-earthiness. Anyone struggling to forgive themselves and move on from the past will be grateful for this 50-minute audio of Finley's sage advice on the subject.

Publisher's Summary

Have you ever hurt someone you love, or acted against your own best interests and then wished you could undo what had been done? How would you like to put any mistake you have ever made behind you? And, rather than be punished by a parade of painful thoughts and memories, learn how to rise above the negative states of guilt and regret?

Guilt and regret deceive us into thinking they have the power to prevent us from making mistakes in the future, that if we wish to be a good person, we must learn to endure their pain and punishment for what we've done. But, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

The great and wise ones have always said so: it's only when we are truly new, when we no longer bear the burden of unnecessary pain and are in a conscious relationship with the new and ever-changing present moment, that it's possible for us to make real changes in our lives that lead to being wiser, kinder, more creative human beings.

It's all possible for you when you master the secrets revealed in The Power to Release Painful Regrets and Get Over Guilt, where you will learn to:

  • Bring fresh life into tired or damaged relationships
  • Turn past mistakes into the promise of a whole new kind of success
  • Drop all self-punishing thoughts and end their tyranny over you
  • Rise above the guilt that won't let you grow into the person you long to be
  • Become a truly kind, compassionate, and loving human being

    We've all longed to start over fresh and new, to let go of everything that's been holding us back. Now you can gain the knowledge needed to do it.
  • ©2004 Guy Finley (P)2004 Life of Learning Foundation

    Critic Reviews

    "Guy Finley's books are essential guides for positive living and achieving your maximum potential." (Suzanne Somers)

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    • Overall
      1 out of 5 stars
    • D Farley
    • 11-06-07

    not reccomended

    This audiobook was an interview style conversation between two people. They seemed like very sweet people but there was no substance in the conversation. Nothing inspiring was introduced.

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    • Overall
      4 out of 5 stars
    • Trisha
    • 27-05-09

    a little too arrogant

    This was the best book that I've read or listened to as far as overcoming obsessive guilt. I have Post Traumatic Stress and some memories, especially of faces, were ruining what was left of my life. I felt a great sense of relief or release after listening to it the first time. There is a part, however, when the interviewer says, "Please don't shout at me" but the author does shout. And then he shouted louder still. Raising his voice like that, unnecessarily, really took away from the book & the subject. Another time, in a conversation about learning, the author states that this planet has learned nothing, NOTHING! No one was talking about the earth / this planet. Those remarks seemed to be just tossed in & then you have to try to remember where he was at before chastising the planet.
    The material is great. I wish the author would have toned down his personality some.

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