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Overcome Fear of Water

Feel Confident and Relaxed in and Around the Environment of Water
Written by: Darren Marks
Narrated by: Darren Marks
Length: 24 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Fear is one of the basic, negative but necessary feelings all of us experience from time to time. We feel it for a reason, usually to protect us. There is of course a difference between harmless fears which have no or little impact on our day to day lives and strong fears or phobias. Fear of falling, along with fear of load noises are the only two fears we are born with, all the others are learned. Yet even these fears which seem to be a part of our genetic makeup we can learn to overcome.

This recording is designed to help you to begin to reprogramme your mind to react in an appropriate way around water. The aim is for you to learn how to relax, breathe naturally and easily and enjoy being in and around the environment of water.

In addition to this recording being written and delivered by Darren Marks one of the UKs leading hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners, it also utilizes dual delivery hypnotherapy (DDH) and brainwave entrainment. DDH involves different suggestions or metaphors being delivered separately yet simultaneously through the right and left headphones. The effect is deeply hypnotic and has the advantage of helping the unconscious mind to accept beneficial suggestions with less conscious interference.

Brainwave entrainment refers to the brain's electrical response to rhythmic stimulation. When the brain is stimulated through one of our physical senses it emits electrical charges which are converted by the brain into what we see, hear and feel.

When the brain is exposed to rhythm, the rhythm is recreated in the brain in the form of these electrical impulses. If the rhythm is the right speed it can begin to mimic natural brainwave patterns. When this occurs, the brain reacts by synchronizing to the same rhythm. This phenomenon is called the Frequency Following Response (or FFR). FFR is used here to assist people to rapidly access deep meditative states which could take years to master without assistance

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If wading in pools, swimming in lakes, and jumping in waves fill you with panicked anxiety, British hypnotherapist Darren Marks would like to help you with that.

In Overcome Fear of Water, Marks lulls you into a state of near-total relaxation using a relaxed voice and accompanied by placid sounds, before using hypnosis techniques, such as dual delivery hypnotherapy and brainwave entrainment, to help conquer your fear of water.

Marks assures the listener that you can learn to relax, you can learn to be in control, you can learn to reinterpret your experiences with water and consider it in a peaceful new perspective.

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