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Scions of Change

Cadicle Series, Book 7
Written by: Amy DuBoff
Narrated by: Josh Bloomberg
Length: 10 hrs and 34 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Change is on the horizon …

As Raena's and Jason's training with the TSS nears completion, the return of the Aesir is imminent. Whether the Aesir are adversaries or allies will be put to the test as the final pieces of the Sietinens' plan to bring down the Priesthood fall into place.

Facing an unstable political landscape and with the future of telekinetic abilities among the Taran people on the line, Wil and his family must wage one final war to correct past injustices and usher Tarans into a new era of peace.

Scions of Change brings together the final pieces for the High Dynasties to attempt an overthrow of the Priesthood and restore equity in the Taran worlds.

©2017 Amy DuBoff (P)2018 Podium Publishing

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  • Jas P
  • 24-05-20

An Ending that is fit for the Cadicle!!

It is the final book in the series, everything has led to this book. The entire family line of the Sietinen line and those that are allied with it, including Kate Vaenetri, and now Ryan Dainetris of the lost Dainetris Dynasty, thought destroyed by the Priesthood, but a lost Heir was discovered by the former Supreme Commander of the TSS station.
Now, with control of the Dynasties, Cris and Will have decided to remove the Priesthood once and for all, so that their controlling horrific manipulation of Terran bloodlines, using woman for cloning, as well as the entire Bakzen war will never happen again. The Priesthood are guilty of thousands upon thousands of crimes, but no one has had the evidence, or the ability to stop them, but the Cadicle, with the help of the Dynasties, and more importantly, the returned Aesir, are going to take down the Priesthood and free all Terrans so that they can live in peace.
However, this is not an undertaking that can be done easily, for the Priesthood is everywhere.
Further to this, Will has to both convince, and then trust the Aesir to help them, and their price is the Rift that the Bakzen used, one that provides the occupant unlimited power from subspace.
There is a very real fear that they could be trading one Dictator for another more powerful one.
However, Will, along with the others, can only trust the Aesir.
This is a fascinating book, as it is not just about Will and the Primus Elite any more (but mostly Will), it is now about his children, as well as others, such as Cris and some of the Primus Elite.
Raena has become incredibly powerful, probably more powerful than Will, but rather than accept this power and join the TSS, she moves to Tararia with her bonded partner Ryan, to help Cris run the Sietinen Dynasty, as she has seen a vision that only from here will she be able to make the Galaxy safe and whole.
Meanwhile, Jason, who is not quite as powerful as Raena, but easily as powerful as Will, trains with a new generation of Primus Elite (trained by the older generation), to become Telekinetic Warriors, or the TSS’s Police force.
It is these people who will fight the Priesthood when it is time.
This is again, a multi-faceted story, with so many different plotlines and little sub-stories that I don’t want to mention them all and give away spoilers, but needless to say, that DuBoff does an outstanding job of wrapping up all of the lose ends from the series, and not in a rushed way, this is such an exceptional ending, it is so well written.
That is the great thing about DuBoff’s writing style, as she uses her Characters so well, and creates these wonderful Character Driven plots, it is easy to use the characters to close them off, without a lot of action scenes or hassle. That said, there are some AMAZING combat scenes in this book (and some absolutely hilarious scenes as well with just purely outmatched opponents). DuBoff must have had so much fun writing some aspects of this book, and it is certainly a lot of fun to read. She has not only cleverly closed off and finished the book, but done so in a way that should make most of those that are reading the books, very happy.
Again, as with the other reviews, this is easily one of the best Character Driven stories I have read in a long time, and easily within this genre, DuBoff is a true master at using her Characters to bring the story to life.
This is a Sci-Fi series that is reminiscent of the Golden Age books by Clarke, ‘Doc’ Smith and the other Masters of Sci-Fi, and DuBoff can happily sit with these names her writing is just so good.
This is a wonderful ending to what has been a truly masterful series, if you haven’t started, why not? If you have, you will love this book!!
As with the other books, Bloomberg is a true master of Narration, and with this final chapter in the series, he has pulled out all stops to make it well worth it. The Narration is beautifully clear and concise, so easy to understand.
He does a wonderful range of voices both Male and Female, so that you can clearly distingush between the characters without being told who is talking, you just know it is Kate or Saera talking, or Will or Michael from the sounds of the voices he uses. It is very clever and exceptionally well done. It makes listening to this audiobook actually better than reading the book, as the combination of DuBoff’s words and Bloomberg’s Narration is perfect.

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