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Dhyan [Care] Publisher's Summary

"Dhyan" or meditation is a simple but powerful technique which keeps one's mind relaxed and stable. All that one has to do to practice the art of meditation is to sit quietly and sincerely, with eyes closed, and experience deep relaxation. 

At the beginning, doing this will prove difficult, as your mind will wander, but with some resolve you can control your galloping mind and meditate effectively. This is akin to when we walk into a dark room and cannot see anything, but once our eyes get used to the darkness, we are able to perceive our surroundings and see effectively. 

Not only does doing meditation give us peace of mind, various studies have pointed out that doing meditation on a regular basis helps people control allergies, asthma, cancer, chronic tiredness, heart related ailments, high blood pressure and insomnia. Many of the diseases which humans suffer from are psychological and related to the subconscious. Doing meditation regularly can help us control those ailments as well.

Please note: This audiobook is in Hindi.

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