Nicolas Carter

Nicolas Carter

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Nicolas is an experienced guitar player and the best-selling author of a range of books covering the topic of music and playing guitar. He is most well-known for his insightful and uniquely presented studies of music theory, covered in the books: Music Theory - From Absolute Beginner to Expert, and How to Read Music for Beginners. Together, his books have helped over 100 000 people worldwide to understand and use music theory, and supported them on their music playing journeys. Privately, Nicolas is a swimming coach, cyclist and holds a degree in ecology. His diverse interests do not detract him from exploring his deep passion, which is playing music and understanding and distilling complex subjects such as music theory and how music works. As a young guitar player he became very interested in learning about how music and sound work. This led him to discovering music theory, which he spent years studying and has since taught to many other musicians. He was inspired to start creating books because he saw a need for a resource that explains music theory and how music works in an interesting and accessible way, useful to any musician. He wanted to create books that will present an indispensable value and a tremendous resource to all musicians.

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