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Mackenzie August (The First Collection) Publisher's Summary

The gripping first bundle in the next great detective series.

Book one

Mack August, frustrated Los Angeles police detective, moves to a smaller city in Virginia to start over. Rather than join the force, he opens his own PI shop and hires out to local attorneys - until Sheriff Stackhouse comes calling, a stunner in designer khakis. Trouble has arrived, she explains, in the form of a gang general from the West Coast. He's galvanizing the drug trade using vicious strong-arm tactics, and the police can't identify him. 

The sheriff begs Mackenzie to take a temporary assignment teaching at an inner-city school, to infiltrate the general's operative ranks inside, identify the crime boss, and bring him down. It's an impossible task; he'd be a bull in a china shop. He could lose his license, and people might get hurt. But if anyone can pull it's the next great private detective, Mackenzie August.

Book two

Meet Veronica Summers.

She's a femme fatale in Jimmy Choo heels - a local attorney needing the services of a private investigator.

She's come to the right place. Mackenzie August is hired to sniff out a traitorous informant hiding in an underworld operation. It's an assignment he should turn down - if only someone other than Ronnie Summers had asked, maybe he could have....

Mackenzie is tossed into the deep end and finds himself mingling with the mafioso. Is his professional career worth risking for the sake of a cute girl with sordid secrets?

Book three

Meet Dr. Everett Owens - a respected anesthesiologist bringing his tale of woe to the door of professional sleuth Mackenzie August. Roanoke City's premiere residents are being burglarized, and Everett's been framed for the crime.

Mack is hired to investigate, unearthing dirty secrets buried by Roanoke's royalty. As the plot thickens, Mackenzie's carefully ordered world is struck by tragedy, and he comes ever closer to Veronica Summer's final secret....

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