The Kelnaria Chronicles

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The Kelnaria Chronicles Publisher's Summary

Kelnaria is a planet not so very close to ours. A planet very much like our own, with different races, different climates, lands, water, and all manner of creatures from very small to very large. Kelnaria was created by a group of powerful beings called The Mystics. In our eyes, they would be Gods, but in truth, Gods are simply another race of beings with abilities that we don't understand, but for some reason, like to create worlds and creatures, and sometimes...prophecies. This world was to be filled with peace and tranquility in a land for the harmonious Mystics to love as parents, and love their children with all of the species that they created to inhabit their world. They welcomed beings from other planets to come and visit, or stay, in their creations. However, being Gods of tranquility, love, and peace, this was their first mistake in thinking that all other creatures were of the same like and kindness. Soon it will be inevitable that all will fight over dominance, even if they don't realize what it is they are fighting for.

©2015 Teresa Conrado (P)2016 California Times Publishing
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